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Welcome To My Website

Welcome to my personal website. This website will serve as a platform to consolidate the various social media accounts which I have created since the internet reached Sarawak's shores. Some accounts have naturally become extinct as the reality of digital expiry comes into play. Netscape, Excite, Lycos or Yahoo Geocities went offline. Meaning to say as social media providers undergo changes and if one is not alert on these changes, one stands to lose a lot. It is with regret that I lost many man hours of blogging and uploaded memories while experimenting with various applications. Adapt we must, in this digital age or we too shall become extinct ending up as error pages.

My Work

I have worked with the Sarawak Government for 23 years, serving with various agencies, presently with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Youth & Sports. Infos updated in Linkedin.

My Playground

Currently I use Facebook as my main social media platform to share my status, activities & photos. Its like a playground where I get to interact with my online friends.


Though I seldom tweet, I love Twitter's flexibility and continuous transformation to adapt in cyberspace. Although there are alternative apps, twitter remains my favourite.

My Blogger

This is currently under repair. Tuning up old lost posts now.

Wordpress Blog

Simply Say Blog I decided to use Wordpress since its has developed into a better platform.

Contact Me

For the more traditional, email me at contact[at]desmondjerukan.com