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Welcome To My Website

Welcome to my personal website. This website serves to be a platform for me to link my other social media accounts which I have created since the internet reached Sarawak's shores. Some accounts have become naturally 'extinct' by way of corporate mergers, acquisitions and server upgrades. Meaning to say as social media providers undergo changes and if one is not alert on this changes, one stands to lose a lot. It is with regret that I did lost many man hours of blogging and memorable photos. But it does serve as a lesson for me as I continuously improve on those mistakes to ensure my digital existence.

My Work

Currently I am under the employment of the Sarawak State Government, serving at Sebauh District Office as the District Officer. Sebauh District is one of the nine new Districts in Sarawak since 1 August 2015.

Social Media

Currently I am using Facebook as my main social media platform to share my photos and update my status. Comments here are personal and more to expressing opinions not related to work but then again its hard to draw the line.


Though I seldom tweet but I discover its quite a useful tool to communicate with other users relating to a subject of particular interest. It is my secondary form of communication for brief comments and opinion.

My Blogger

This is currently under repair. Tuning up old lost posts now.

Wordpress Blog

Simply Say Blog I decided to use Wordpress since its has developed into a better platform.

Contact Me

For the more traditional, email me at contact[at]desmondjerukan.com